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Free Estimates

This is what a FREE ESTIMATE is:

You tell me what you want and I tell you off the top of my head how much it might be based on what I have done in the past that is similar to your job.

Sometimes I can do that over the phone, but usually I have to walk the site first and call you back or meet you there.

Itemized Estimates

Next, I make a ITEMIZED ESTIMATE that is broken down in phases showing a installed price per item with subtotals per phase, which includes all labor and materials.

I will guarantee this about my itemized estimates: I will not exceed it. But if you don't see it listed there - it's not there. And if you want something that is not there - it's added.

Added to what?

The "As-Built"

What is a As-Built?

An estimate is just a "Estimate" -- But the final bill is charged according to what actually happened. It's called a "As-Built".

The As-Built prevents two things:
1. Contractor "Bait and Switch". (That would be me)
2. Customer "Piling On". (That would be you)

Custom Jobs With Allowances

If you want a custom job like a complete backyard renovation with a water feature that requires a lot of creative acumen on my part then you absolutely need to have a cushion in your budget.

Creative jobs need to unfold with the progress.

Therefore, on my itemized estimate you will see "Allowances". My estimate might say: Allow for 50 3-gallon shrubs. On the As-Built you will see them listed according to what was actually planted. Here's another example: There is no way to know that a pallet of boulders will weigh 3.46 tons; therefore, I will allow for 3 or 4 tons on the estimate; but, the As-Built will say 3.46 tons.

For a custom job you will see allowances for a lot of things. But at least you will know the job's ballpark price.


As far as Prices are concerned, I'm probably in the high-middle. At least I hope I'm in the high middle. I simply do not care if you are looking for low price. Please do not call me if you are looking for low price.

With us you simply get the best quality for a reasonable price, and I charge for everything that I do.

I have dozens of references.


We draw plans and post them on-line.
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A Typical Landscape Plan


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