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This is the part where I have to speak for a moment like I'm your Dutch uncle.


(a) The standard warranty for trees and shrubs sold and planted by CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING is six months, or one growing season, whichever comes first. That does not include transplanted trees and shrubs that are determined on the work site to be high risk or transplanted out of season. Normally there is not a problem with transplanting trees and shrubs that have only been planted a year or two but I can't guarantee it. Therefore, we will have an "understanding about chance" before anything gets transplanted.

(b) Any tree or shrub that is sold and planted by CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING having 50% or more die-back within six months or one growing season will be considered dead and replaced at no charge. Replacement material is not guaranteed but will be in healthy condition at the time of replacement.

(c) The owner is responsible to perform the required maintenance to insure survival as per the instructions of CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING. I do check on those things and I will leave you a note, or give you a call if I see a problem, because I don't want anything overwatered, or over fertilized either.

(d) Sod lawns and lawns installed by seeding are not guaranteed for any reason. They are not guaranteed because the survival of lawns installed by sod or seed is entirely contingent upon the subsequent care of the owner after installation, or weather conditions, or water restrictions, all of which are beyond the control of CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING.

(e) All work that does not include the installation of live plant material is guaranteed to be performed in a workman like manner. Defects in workmanship not evident at the time of completion, and are not due to normal wear and tear, are guaranteed for one year.

(f) CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING has no liability for materials used with a manufacturers warranty that fail.

(g) CHRISTMAN LANDSCAPING is not responsible under any warranty for loss or damage beyond its control. Those things are, but are not limited to: weather, water restrictions, animals, theft, vandalism, and lack of care by the owner.

And all of that is just common sense, folks.


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